For Customer and Loan Services

Call 1(800) 556-6262 or (724) 464-2265 during the hours of 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday. Voicemail available for after hours calls.

Send us any Personal and/or Business Financial Information if you DO NOT have a secure email.

If you don’t have secure information to send, then fill out the form below.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Have a Lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card? Please report this to us immediately!

During regular business hours, please contact our Electronic Banking Department at (724) 464-2265 ext. 7123, ext. 7148, ext. 7163 or ext. 7176.

For after hours, please contact (866) 221-8610.

Just a reminder – Please let us know if you will be traveling International please contact us to help avoid any problems on your trip with your card usage.

~We have a new fraud detection provider, EnFact. If you receive a call from (877) 253-8964 please answer or call back timely. If they suspect fraud on your account they will try several attempts to contact you for verification.

Dial – A – Bank

(24 Hour Account Access Service)

Call 1(800) 827-9544

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